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UV & Spray Tans


There’s nothing better than healthy glowing skin with that ‘just back from holiday’ look and we can help you to achieve that all year round at The Treatment Rooms!

We have vertical tanning booths with sessions from 3 – 12 minutes depending on your skin type and we also have a superb range of complementary tanning lotions to suit every skin type and budget to help optimise your tanning sessions.  We keep fully computerised records to maintain a full tanning history to promote safer, responsible controlled tanning.

We offer healthy skincare advice and our sunbed tubes are renewed at half the manufacturer’s recommended output to ensure you achieve optimum tanning results.  Our hygiene practice is rigorous and of course we strictly comply with the Sunbed Act 2010.

We also offer spray tanning & St. Tropez application as an alternative to UV tanning to get that instant holiday glow.

Treatment List

Vertical Tanning Booths
60 minute courses from £15.00
99 minute courses from £22.50
150 minute courses from £30.00
Spray Tans
St. Tropez Application
Fully computerised records
Full tanning history
Safer, responsible controlled tanning
Healthy skincare advice
Rigorous hygiene practice
Ongoing training for our friendly staff
Sessions 3 – 12 minutes depending on skin type
We comply with Sunbed Act 2010
Tubes renewed at half the recommended output

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