Treatments For Men & Women

The Treatment Rooms

leading the way in tanning & beauty

For over a decade

we have been providing beauty services in Heaton

Sophistication meets style at Newcastle Treatment Rooms. Located in central Heaton, our contemporary salon has been established for over 20 years. We have developed a timeless blend of experience & professionalism that oozes elegance.

We offer a diverse range of treatments that comprise your day to day essentials to something extra special.

Notwithstanding, our therapists are exceptional. They are fully qualified, accomplished, experienced. Their skills are constantly reviewed and updated to create a holistic client experience encompassing technique, ambience and customer service.

This gives us the expertise and confidence to explain the benefits of treatments and provide an outstanding experience.

Friendly & helpful team

We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service.  You won’t find a more caring, committed team than ours.

Comprehensive product range

We have a comprehensive and affordable range of branded tanning lotions to suit every skin type and every budget.

Healthy skincare advice

We offer advice on all aspects of healthy skincare from products to therapies and treatments for both ladies and gents.

Fully computerised records

Fully computerised records to maintain a full tanning history & ensure a safer, responsible controlled tanning experience.

Rigorous hygiene practice

Maintaining an obvious cleanliness and simplicity to our surroundings reinforces the message of good hygiene to our clients.

Safer, responsible tanning

We comply with Sunbed Act 2010 and our tubes are renewed at half the manufacturer’s recommended output.